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Summer Beauty Prep

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Summer is quickly approaching but are you ready? We all know that when summer rolls around there are things that you need to do to get prepped. However, it can sometimes be overwhelming with the different treatments and products out there.That is why I am here to clear some things up. I will discuss what are some summer must haves and dos for properly getting ready for summer!

Let us start off with skin. Skin is the basis of a summer wardrobe. In the winter we were able to hideout and kind of ignore it. However, in the summer you do not really have that choice.  Since we hope it will get hot soon we will be forced to bare at the least an ankle or two! Make sure you are moisturizing your skin. Even if your skin is fair and you can’t visibly see the dryness it is best to use a daily moisturizer. You can use baby oil when you are still damp from your shower and then put on a crème like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. In addition to crèmes to keep skin nice and elastic, and also (help weight loss or maintenance) drink plenty of water, it works! Everyone should drink half their body’s weight in water to stay sufficiently hydrated. Last, but not least put on sun block, we all know we need to do this.

Bouncing off of skin as a whole, let us pinpoint the face. It is crucial that you use a skincare system. A good skincare system should maintain the skin, so that you have few to no brake-outs of acne. The system should include: The face wash, Toner and moisturizer preferably with SPF. I use a skincare system from Artistry and that is The Balancing System for oily skin. Clinique also carries a nice skincare system. You should use your system morning and night for optimal results. Also make sure you completely remove make-up before bed. Ifyou do not you may end up with acne and clogged pores.

Now let’s talk about the matter at hand…and foot your nails.  I know it may seem self-indulgent (and there is nothing wrong with that) go get a luxury manicure and pedicure at your local shop. Most places have specials for around $40.00.  Now you do not have to keep going every week,you can if you want. The main idea is to keep this up. You can easily maintain nice hands and feet at home. You just need a few tools.

Tools needed for a home pedicure are:

  • A basin large enough to fit your feet
  • Foot Pumice- The Body Shop has one: Peppermint
    Cooling Pumice  Scrub, $14
  • Callus remover
  • Foot crème
  • Foot File
  • Favorite Polish- pinkish lavender and aqua blues
    are nice for summer

To really put your best foot forward, moisturize before bed and sleep in socks to keep dry cracks away.

For your fingernails opt for a prepackaged manicure kit, Sally Hansen brand is nice and has them at your local drugstore.

And lastly, here are a few things that I believe are summer must haves!
RM~Great Skincare System 
RM~Home Pedi and Mani kits
RM~Nail Polish- in colors are lavender, nude, rosy
purple pink, O.P.I. good brand
RM~Palmers Cocoa Butter

RM~Peach lip shade-try Covergirl
Queen Collection: South Beach Sand $6.50

RM~ Water

RM~Sun block

RM= Ruby Madison LLC

Want my services check out my site!,

*All information creative properties of Ruby Madison LLC

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