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My Green Drink πŸ΅

The Hubby says I look like the perfect, milennial hipster in this pic! Yes, I’m a millennial. Therefore, I can laugh at myself; which I do often because what’s life without laughter! Moving Forward!

I, like a lot of people have embarked on a healthy eating journey this January. I actually have been doing a detox every January for the last 4 years and I have actually stuck it out each time and come away feeling better. This is not to brag, it is a challenge for me like most people to stick to a healthy eating routine. However, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make it a bit bearable! I will share one of them here!

I typically try to eat healthy Year-round, however, at Christmas time I indulge a lot!  Therefore,  January is the perfect time to reset my body and get it back to normal. For my detox I can’t have milk, which really cramps my style because I love drinking coffee, Tea and Flat Whites, it’s literally an everyday thing. I usually drink tea as a replacement for my coffee during this time. More specifically as of late I’ve been drinking Matcha. Which are green tea leaves crushed into a powder form.

I love drinking Matcha because to me it has a creamier texture on its own. It helps me deal with the lack of milk I can have. I also like how filling it is!

Click To Buy Matcha!

Click the pic for a link to buy Matcha. I bought mine at Lunds and Byerlys in Edina, MN. 

Green Tea has many benefits one of which is it contains antioxidants! For me, I use it to help curb my hunger during my detox and it’s also a great way to take a relaxing moment to yourself.

You can read more about Green Tea benefits here: Green Tea Facts

Back to how I drink it!

I follow the instructions on the tea’s packaging.

Then I add: Stevia( 0 calorie all natural sweetener), Vanilla Extract, and cream when I can!

I use a honey spoon to stir my Matcha!

I hope you enjoy this yummy drink! I love to drink Matcha whether I’m detoxing or not because to me it’s delicious!

Have a great Week!

Until next time, stay chic dolls πŸ’œ

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