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New Year’s Eve Ensembles!

Day 1!

Similar Dress

Same Dress!

Day 2!


Similar Style Shacket

Day 3! Theme: Jumpsuit!

Chic Jumpsuit!

Day 4!

Sheer Faux Pearl Gloves

Similar Sweatpants !

Faux Fur Scarf

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Christmas Dressing 🎄

Hello Dolls!

I can not believe it’s December and I’m writing a blog about dressing for Christmas but alas here we are. I don’t know about you but I’m a Christmas Hallmark Girl through and through! I love all of the activities, markets, parties and food! With all of these activities it can be a daunting task to know what to wear for all of them. In this series I’m going to give you ideas for what to wear throughout the entire Christmas and Holiday season!

I will add to this post each day! Make sure you check out the reels and TikTok’s on Instagram and Facebook: @ trendaivie on all platforms!

Ok, let’s get into this fashion!

My first look is perfect for a going to a friend’s Semi-dressy Christmas party. The sequined Turban and silky pants elevate the look to a party look. Similar pieces linked!

Satin Pants

Ski Sweater

Sequined Turbans

Sequin Turban

Hey babes! Day 2’s look is a basic-ish grey dress with a slit! Add chic accessories to dress it up!

Similar Style

Similar Style

Similar Style

Fishnet Tights

Similar Sandal

Day 3’s Look! Theme: Christmas Movie Watching Party!

Similar Turtleneck!

Similar Shacket !


Mou Boots!

Similar Pearl Necklace!

Day4’s Theme: Sequins!

Sequin Maxi

Sequin Maxi

Sequin Maxi!

Sequin Maxi Duster!

Day Five’s Theme: Last Minute Christmas Shopping!

Sanctuary Coat

Football Tshirt

Day 6: Winter White!

Similar Blazer!

Day 7’s Look!

Similar Silky Top

Similar Silky Top

Similar Sweater

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Please do follow me on Instagram: @

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Long Winter Long Underwear 🖤

It has been so cold here in Minnesota, I thought this is the perfect time to wear my vintage long underwear! However, I’m not wearing it under my clothes I’m wearing it as a jumpsuit instead. To make it not look like underwear, I paired it with loafers to anchor the look. I added a long sweater to cover the bottom and make it a bit more “dressy”! Have a good day babes! 🖤🖤🖤🖤


Sweats and Sequins!!

Sunday Funday!

I’m taking every opportunity to dress up! Today I’m heading to Starbucks! So naturally it only makes sense to wear a sequin dress and sweats!

Have a good evening dolls!

Instagram: trendaivie

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Sparkle and Sweaters!

We are in the midst of the Christmas Season! That means sparkles, shine, coziness,etc!

As we all know this season isn’t exactly the same as far as going out to eat and activities go. However we can still have fun and dress festive! I will be featuring at least 2 looks per week to inspire your Christmas 🎄 Spirit!


Today I decided to show two ways to style one dress!


Pick your fave sparkly sheath and add a cozy cardigan. Accessorize with a warm knit cap.

You can pair with pumps or boots!


I hope this gave you some Holiday Inspiration 🎄

Stay Chic Dolls!

Instagram: trendaivie

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Don’t Count Out Your Summer Maxi!

Hey dolls!

I’m pretty much obsessed with maxi dresses! I’m always on the hunt for a new one and rarely pass one up. With this being the case; I have my favorites! Some of these favorites are more suited for one season or the other.

I have a few summer maxis that I don’t want to retire because of their lack of warmth! So the key to transitioning is layer, layer, layering!

Your best friends are going to be long sleeve tees and sweaters, leggings and tall socks! That way if a strong wind blows you don’t have to worry about freezing your tail off!

Here is is one my faves and how I styled it!

Here is the link to the dress!

Melly Princess Sleeved Maxi

Until next time stay chic dolls! For more Fashion fun! Follow me on Instagram: trendaivie

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Christmas Sweater Season 🎄

In my opinion it’s never too early to break out the Christmas Sweaters!

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Slip Dress for Day and Night!

Fall is the time to try new trends and wear things that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise. As we all know 90’s Fashions have been making a major comeback! However, the trends are more casual-chic rather than casual-grunge. It makes the look more approachable for everyday life.

One trend making its way back is the pajamas for day look. If you remember R & B artist Brandy and rocker Courtney Love helped to make this look popular. With something like a long satin slip dress that literally looks like negligée it can be intimidating to try out. However, you don’t have to be intimidated. Believe it or not this can work for day.

When I saw that The LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection  brand by Kohl’s had a slip dress from her runway show this year I ordered it right away!
I love this pajama trend and this dress was perfect for carrying out the look I wanted to achieve. This dress is perfect for day and night!
Bias Cut Midi Slip Dress
For size reference: I ordered a couple of sizes up so it would have a baggier/boho feel.

Work it For Day💕

*Pair it with casual pieces- think Tee-Shirts, sweaters and denim. I layered (key for Fall) a tee-shirt over the dress and added a denim jacket. I further made it casual with flats!

The second way to make it casual is with a long-sleeved tunic length tee or sweater with ballet flats or loafers.

Flaunt It For Night!

Ok ,so obviously this is a slip dress and is begging to be dressed up! 

Again, you may be thinking this is just so fancy still to fancy for a date-night. Actually it’s perfect! Just keep it simple with minimal jewelry and a neutral makeup-look.

I layered my denim jacket over the dress with strappy sandals, a necklace, and cocktail ring. You could replace the denim jacket with a baseball or bomber jacket to get the same vibe.

The denim brings the dress down to a night out level but wear it to a full out fancy affair by replacing the denim with a shawl or fancy jacket. 

I hope this helps you embrace this fabulous trend! Remember to have fun with fashion!

Until next time, stay chic dolls 💜

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Lazy Sunday-Chucks and A Maxi

I love a comfy outfit and nothing says comfy like a maxi dress and Chucks!

The Chucks are from Kohl’s!

Happy Sunday!

Until next time, stay chic dolls 💜

Please do “like” my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter/Periscope and Instagram! 
Facebook : Ruby Madison LLC Fashion Styling 
Instagram: fashionistalatrenda 
Twitter/Periscope: @Rubymadisonllc

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