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Summer Boots

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I have a mini obsession with summer boots and booties right now! When you think of summer, boots usually are the farthest things from your mind .  Picturing summer footwear usually what comes to mind are:sandals,open-toe,peep toe,gladiator flats,strappy but definitely not boots! However, there are plenty of boots that go great with the latest in summer apparel and many can transition into the fall which is a bonus! I will go through a few of favorite summer boot looks!



This first look is my absolute favorite! I purchased these boots myself from I love the classic-modern look of these boots. These boots go great with rolled skinny jeans, clean hemmed shorts and flouncy floral dresses. These boots are perfect for Spring and Fall!



Wildfox Never Ending Luck Potion Boyfriend Tank $70.00


Cruz Dot Denim Shorts by DV by Dolce Vita $77.00


Steve Madden Armorry  $109.99



The next look is for the girl that likes to wear casual clothing and still look glam and effortless. This long hoodie can be paired with leggings or tights in the fall and winter to make this look transition through the seasons! For now pair with mini shorts make sure the shorts peek out from underneath the hoodie. Push the sleeves up to the elbows and add a large watch and bracelet. Finish with a  simple structured satchel!

I actually purchased this outfit minus the shorts.I plan on wearing it as a dress because I am short and it will fall on me as a mini dress. I am about 5’5’’.


Wildfox Jungle Cat Angel Hoodie $183.00


image β€˜

MIH Scallop Shorts $94.50

Note: Since everyone is a different height I don’t know where these shorts will fall on you.


Alex by Messeca $69.97


Last but not least is this super chic Frye boot. This boot looks great and is made of high grade material so it should be able to handle most weather conditions. Pair it with dresses and skirts to soften the look of this semi-tough boot. This boot will also look great with shorts and a tee!


C & C California Tank Dress $78.00




Frye ‘Carmen’ Braided Harness Boot $357.95


Well that is my quick take on Summer Boots! This look can be expanded upon and  made your own. Just make sure to keep the look simple and clean by wearing minimal accessories. Let the boot be the main attraction! Have a fabulous week dolls!


By Latrenda of Ruby Madison LLC

Copyright 2012. All information is the creative property of Ruby Madison LLC, it is not to be used or duplicated without permission from the owner.

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