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How to Wear Leggings

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I want to talk about how to wear leggings because just about everyone wears them at some point. I mean how can you resist; they are comfy and chic all at the same time! Now I know that this may seem kind of self-explanatory on how to wear leggings; however it is not. I see nearly everyday, people breaking the number one rule of wearing leggings. The number one rule can be summed up in one word: tunic.

When you wear leggings there are a few things to keep in mind so that you will look as stylish as possible.

  • Number one which is a must; make sure you have on a tunic length top. Tunic length goes to the mid-thigh beyond your bottom. It is not very ladylike to wear anything but tunic length. It does not look good at all to wear anything that does not cover your bottom.
  • Second rule: The top you wear should not be too tight. Remember you are already wearing super tight bottoms it is always best to balance it out.
  • Third rule: Make sure the color and material suits your body type. If you are plus size; wear darker colors and prints that will be more flattering to your curves. If you are thin,leggings with subtle detailing can help add curves.

Now letโ€™s get to the fun! I will show you a few of my fave ways to wear leggings!


This first trend is one that scares a lot of people.I am speaking of leather. Some people feel leather is for bikers and 80โ€™s club goers. However this is not the case. I actually love leather leggings it can be so chic if done the right way. It is best to pair leather with a girly flirty top; this will take the edge off the toughness of the leather. If girly flirty is not your style try a trapeze top in a basic color. Another option for this look would be a lace top. Lace is classic and compliments the leather well. Finish your look with black pumps to elongate your legs.

Note about leather: All leather leggings are not equal. Choose a legging that is well lined. Cotton is a great lining. It would be highly uncomfortable to have leather sticking to your legs. Faux leather is also an option just make sure it is high quality and does not look too shiny or like plastic.



Paige Denim Paloma Leather Legging Jeans $299.00

These are front panel leather leggings. Full leather leggings typically start at around $700.00. I love the front panel leggings,they are a fun take if you donโ€™t want to wear full on leather.


Sophomore Cross back-tank $60.00


Tulip Print Cardigan $22.80

Wear this over the tank for extra girly-chic!


Colored or patterned leggings: If you are going to wear leggings with details make sure that your top is not too busy and the colors are complimentary to each other. Nude pumps are best when wearing busy prints.


Seam Panel Leggings $40.00


Graduated Stripes Poncho $24.80


Striped Tunic Top $8.80



Classic Black: Black leggings are the most popular choice and a great go-to when you are in a hurry. Black leggings can be paired with most any style top just be sure to observe legging wearing rules. Black leggings are ultra stylish when paired with a oversized sweater or a classic oxford and mid-heeled pumps. Wedges or ballet flats also would look great with this outfit.


Splendid $55.00


David Lerner Maternity Zipper Leggings $143.00

For the pregnant fashionistas!



Tape Yarn Pullover Sweater by Michael Stars $138.00

This topโ€™s open knitting makes it semi-see through and may require a tank underneath. This topโ€™s open knit design will help keep you cool.


Cuffed Tunic Shirt $15.80

This shirt is semi-sheer wear a tank underneath add a belt at waist.

Accessories: Keep bags structured to keep your look from getting sloppy. A rose gold watch and pendant necklace can add polish to almost any ensemble.


Flicker $80.00 Aldo,com

These pumps come in black as well!


MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Jet Set – Small’ Logo Travel Tote $198.00


MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Large Runway’ Rose Gold Watch $250.00


Dimpled Pendant Necklace $5.80


Well I hope that brought a fresh take on wearing leggings. Have a great weekend and whatever you do; do it with style!


By Latrenda of Ruby Madison LLC

Copyright 2012. All information is the creative property of Ruby Madison LLC, it is not to be used or duplicated without permission from the owner.

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