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New Year’s Eve Party Wear!

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In a few days the countdown will begin to 2012! I honestly can’t believe this year has gone by so fast, it feels like I just rang in 2011. Well now, that point is moot, 2012 is quickly approaching and of course with each celebration there’s always the question of what do I wear?! Even if you are staying in with your family dressing a little nicer will make it feel a little more special! And since this is a New Year’s Eve party you will be making a fashion statement for the new year, therefore let’s make it a good one!

Classic New Year’s Party with Friends

One of the most popular NYE’s party scenario’s. You are at someone’s home or a rented space like a loft or private party room in a restaurant. You should stick to shorter length skirts or dresses. Pants are always an option, keep pants somewhat fitted and ankle length so that you can show off the fabulous shoes you will be wearing. The most important thing is to wear something that you will be comfortable in because you will be mingling and walking for a few hours. If you have a tendency to overeat at these shindigs and you don’t want to, wear tighter clothing it will make you more body conscious and less likely to overeat.


Permanent Pleated Jacquard Dress by Greylin $89.99 Available at

Pair this dress with  opaque black tights for a sleek stylish look.



Ono Crop Jacket By Trina Turk $173.99 Available at



Erykka $99.95 Available at Steve


Prefer Pants? Here is a second option!


Ignore the belt

Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant $89.50 Available at Banana



Sequin Chevron Cami $189.99 Available at



Bbling Clutch $48.00 Available at Steve



Gyllenband $100.00 Available at




Dinner Date with your Beau

You choose to forgo the large party with friends and have an intimate dinner date with your main guy. This usually means dinner at a nice restaurant. Just because you aren’t dressing for a large group of friends doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on your best. Wear something fun yet conservative if going on a restaurant date and dress for the atmosphere of the restaurant.



Pair with opaque black tights, because dress is short.

Chiffon Mini Dress By: Tinley Road $74.00 Available at



Graceful Pearl Necklace $98.00 Available at



Moskow-G $89.98 Available at Steve



Garret Coyote Faux Fur Vest by BB Dakota $53.99 Available at



Home with the family

Just because you decided to stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Buy new lounge wear and enjoy fun snacks and drinks. If you have kids buy sparkling cider and put them in fancy glasses. If it will be just you and your significant other rent your fave movie and order out. Many places have to go menus.


This dress will be perfect as a casual spring dress when the weather warms up

Striped Maxi Dress $79.95 Available at



Women’s Sherpa-Lined Moccasins $22.00 Available at



Padmasana Sweater $79.99 Available at Athleta


Feel free to wear the pearls with this outfit if you want to feel a little more fabulous!


There’s my last blog of the year, I think! I hope you enjoyed all of my blogs and if there’s fashion topics you want discussed feel free to ask me! May your New Year be bright! Love and God’s blessings for you and your family.

Latrenda of Ruby Madison LLC


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