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Capes and Ponchos

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When People hear the words poncho and cape good things may not necessarily come to mind.I never thought I would say this, but I am loving the capes and ponchos of this season! The reason I had doubts about this trend is because a few years back capes were in ,however the shapes of that time were a bit off. The hems were shorter and the patterns were pretty much nonexistent. There is no need to fear for lack of style this season because multiple designers, stores and brands have their take on the trend and there are some ultra chic choices, the hems are longer and there are an array of styles to fit multiple personalities.

Capes and Ponchos are an easy thing to throw on and look fabulous instantly! Now of course You have to make sure it is styled the right way, otherwise you might end up looking like a bad extra from The Three Musketeers.


If you want your cape or poncho for everyday wear. A nice knit like a  cableknit pattern,cowl-neck,turtleneck or a plaid are great to wear with  leggings or skinny jeans. For shoes a heeled boot is good to lengthen the legs.If you are straight up and down, try a casual short to add shape to your frame, tights and a semi fitted poncho and heels.

 Ankle-Zip Liquid Legging

Native Sweater Poncho $29.80 Forever

Ankle-Zip Liquid Legging $16.99 Charlotte


Round-Toe Belted Heel Boot

Women’s Cowl-Neck Poncho Sweater $29.00 Old

Round-Toe Belted Heel Boot $35.50 Charlotte



If you want to wear your cape or poncho out to a nice dinner ,try a herringbone or tweed with black straight leg dress pants and black pumps.


image image

Tahari Belle Capelet $148.00

Really Skinny Pants $59.95



Aryn K. Tie Front Cape $98.00


L.A.M.B. Batista $185.50



Capes are great for use as outerwear.Purchase them in a heavy material if you are braving Minnesota weather and plan on using it as your main source of warmth.If you just plan on wearing your cape out to nice evening events get whatever dressy cape that tickles your fancy! If you usually wear a peacoat in winter it is a great alternative. Add long leather gloves for an on-trend look.


Classic Cape Coat $37.80 Forever


Caslon Merino Wool Toggle Cape $149.00

General Guidelines

No matter if you are wearing a casual or dressy style it is important to remember a few guidelines to wearing capes and ponchos.

Remember Proportions matter. Since capes and ponchos have a loose fit in general ,make sure what you are wearing on bottom is sleek and fitted otherwise this trend becomes sloppy fast.

Going along with proportions. The length of your bottoms should be ankle length not cropped. There are always exceptions to the rules, but make sure you know how to bend these guidelines so you can look as chic as possible.


In Conclusion

In short that is how you wear capes and ponchos. Capes and ponchos are versatile and a easy way to look pulled together quickly. If you have any more questions feel free to ask!



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