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Put Your Best Foot Forward -Fall Boots!

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Aww yes it is time to buy fall boots again! However, there are so many choices how does a girl choose and how does she know what is a great new trend or just a mess? Well that’s why I am here! Let me guide you through the boot trends, how to wear them and what to wear them with.


Let’s jump right into it shall we. I  would like to start with a classic style, Riding Boots. In my opinion riding boots are a staple. This classic boot can be worn with almost all of your casual outfits. Depending on how high the heel is you can even bring it into evening for less dressy occasions. If you like to wear leggings and Jeggings this is the boot for you. This boot also will go great with  skinny jeans and midi skirts.


Natalee By Steve Madden $190.00         1969 Super lightweight legging Jeans $69.50

available at Piperlime                                        available at


  3/4 Sleeve Woven Top $22.80 available at Forever 21



This next boot is one of my favorites because of its comfort and chic rugged style, it is the Heeled Hiking Boot(HHBoot).  The HHBoot is perfect for so many different outfits! This is part of the reason I love this boot. When shopping for this boot make sure to seek one out that has a real hiking boot sole , this way this boot can easily be worn into winter. The HHBoot looks great with skinnies, Super Flares and shorts. When wearing with shorts make sure to pair with tights as to not have the look be to risqué . When wearing flares make sure the pants glide over the boot but doesn’t touch the ground . The HHBoot also looks great with the new trend of midi skirts, it adds an edge and cool factor to an otherwise girly look.


Collosul Heeled Bootie $179.95 available at Steve 

Women’s Floral Skirt $32.94 available at Old



Noami by Mia $79.00 available at Piperlime

Trimmed Trouser Shorts $24.99 available at





Booties once again are a popular favorite this year. Booties are versatile and casual. There are many different style of booties including but not limited to: motorcycle, heeled, no-heel, platform , lace-up, zip, the list goes on. There really is no right or wrong choice. it simply has to do with what you wear most often. I am more of a glam-prep girl so I would go with platform because I love heels and the automatic “lift” it gives to an outfit. However, as a mom, the low heeled booties are stylish and practical and I reach for those when running errands.


Steve Madden 'Annnie' Wedge Bootie         Messeca 'Alex' Bootie

Steve Madden Annnie Wedge Bootie $129.95

Messeca Alex Bootie

Jeffrey Campbell 'Spokane' Boot

Jeffrey Campbell Spokane Boot $149.95

Horkey $60.00


Then there is of course the classic high-heeled high shaft boot.  This boot comes in so many different styles again it is a matter of preference and how you most spend your days. If you dress up a lot or have a job where more formal business attire is required I would go with a dress boot in a nice suede or leather. If your style is more casual then I would go with a boot that maybe has a lace-up front or buckles. However, you can buy a boot that has both characteristics, that when paired with the right thing can work both ways.


Dressy Boot

Liaw $180.00



Leiba  $90.00


  A little bit of Both

Meteour $229.95 Steve


Finally, I have compiled a mixture of some of my favorites and some just for fun. No matter what boot or boots you purchase make sure you love them. Boots are truly an investment, if you buy a quality item it could last you a few years. Remember the little things like suede and leather protectors. Have a pair of boots that are made specifically for true winter weather so that when a 19’’ snow comes, like what we had in the Twin Cities last year you won’t be caught off guard. In addition keep in mind when buying a super trendy pair it may not be in next year , so watch how much you spend. A place with nice but inexpensive options for boots are and Overall purchase what makes you comfortable and enjoy this boot season!


Water Proof Rainboots

Lapins By Hunter $225.00 


Rubber on outside so heavy duty!

Francis By Madison Harding $300.00


Lucky Brand 'Nellie' Bootie Cutout and peeptoe boots are hot now! You can pair with a trouser sock when chilly.

Lucky Brand Nellie Bootie $78.00


Buckle Fold-Over Heel Boot Love the western feel of these

Buckle-Fold Over Heel Boot $50.00


Belt-Wrapped Engineer Boot Laid-Back Cool


Belt-Wrapped Engineer Boot $45.50



Hot Mom on the go!


Firefly $189.95 Steve



Well I hope you enjoyed reading this! Please comment and ask questions, I would love to help!

Latrenda of Ruby Madison LLC



Copyright. All information are the creative properties of Ruby Madison LLC, it is not to be used or duplicated without permission from the owner.

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