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Fabulous Fall Fashions




The temperature is cooling a bit, there is brisker wind in the air, the leaves will start to change color and kids will hop on the  school bus, Fall is amongst us .

Which can only mean one thing ,Fall Fashion! Now that I have graduated college I look forward to the fall more than ever. It means cozy sweaters, fun boots and the new autumn drinks at coffee shops. Yet each Fall there is a bombardment of new styles, silhouettes, colors and denim trends. It can easily become overwhelming. I want to share with you some of my fave fall trends and bring relative insight to each one, let’s have fun!



I know that everyone has seen a strong comeback of prep this summer season, and it also is still going for fall. Now  continuing with this trend you will have to make some adjustments, while some basics will remain the same.  Button Down shirts, will always be a staple with this classic look. You can pair it with a boyfriend cardigan and achieve a great prep look. Loafers and skinny jeans will top off your prep ensemble. A few more prep pieces are: marled sweaters, rugby shirts, bold blazers( adding a crest ultimate prep) turtlenecks and plaids to name a few. I love this look for it’s clean lines and simple classic elegance.


image    image

Easy Perfect Shirt $49.95       Wool Blend Batwing Sweater $138.00




Boyfriend Letterman Jacket $22.80 Forever

Metallic Leatherette Loafers $22.80 Forever



Menswear Inspired

Menswear Inspired can go alongside prep in a few ways, since some prep basics are androgynous in nature, however this trend has a more dominant tone. One safe way to do this trend is with a fabulous pair of loafers. There are the basic flats or the platform version. Another way to ease into this trend is by buying a big faced watch with more square features in blacks and silvers. Now if if you want to become bold with this look do a vest over a button down shirt and tie a scarf around your neck rather than a tie. If you do opt to wear a tie I would definitely add a pleated skirt to the mix to make it look less cliché. Final touches : plaid in dark shades, bold shoulder blazers and tuxedo jackets and clutches with buckle hardware.



MM Couture Structured Shawl Collar Blazer $108.00


image Buschur Loafer $70.00

image Urquiza Loafer $44.95

image Flowy Calf Length Skirt $18.90


image  Tinley Road Buckle Front Cape $89


Reptilian Skins

Reptile skins are everywhere! I personally prefer them on handbags, clutches and shoes. It allows you to make a statement in a fun way. This season reptile skin is in more than just muted browns, this fall brings reptilian skins in rich jewel tones. Best bet: buy it in a hand bag or clutch, that way you don’t have to have a special time to wear it, you can wear it whenever!


Satchel $288.00 Dooney and

Janine Bag $288.00 Dooney and


Animal Print

Keeping with the animals in this trend are animal prints. I love animal prints because it is another one of those trends that you can dress up or down. I particularly prefer leopard and depending on what piece you buy in leopard it will not really go out of style. When doing animal print less is more. It is not a good idea to wear it head to toe unless you are a leopard of course, and if you think you are those are issues I do not have time to address here. Anyways I love a leopard handbag or scarf these two items can easily be worked into a wardrobe as a nice neutral if the rest of your outfit is in more muted tones. Another surprisingly easy way to work in a animal print is with a ballet flat.


image  Nolton $48.74


image  Sluder Scarf $18.00


image  Wild Handbag $98.00



Polka Dots

A revival from the 80’s is upon us! Now I love a print just as much as anyone else. However as as a rule of thumb with prints make sure you do not go overboard. Now I do not mean that you cannot mix prints, because you can(see my previous blog posts about that) . Make sure your print is not too overwhelming and not hitting in the wrong places. I like small polka dots because they are generally flattering on most people. For example a pair of black pants with small white polka dots very chic. A dark green sweater with subtle black polka dots says casual cool. As always, you can choose to play it safe and do a polka dot on a clutch or shoe but where’s the fun in that?!


image  Polka Dot Flip Skirt $13.80



image Dotted Open Cardigan $19.80


Daniel Rainn Polka Dot Top $64.00



Denim: Trousers and Super 70’s Flares


Who doesn’t love a bell bottom? Flares are great they can elongate legs when worn with a high waist and cropped top. They look super chic and pulled together with a black blazer and white button down. You also could opt for classic boho with a tucked in billowy blouse and crossbody bag. Whatever your style add a slim belt to define your waist. That is what I love most about this style it can fit anyone’s personality and it pretty much looks great with anything when you add a platform to the mix.



image  1969 lightweight super flare jeans $29.99


image  1969 Mid- Weight Buckle Trouser Jeans $59.95




Now obviously there are plenty more fall trends and I will talk about them at a later time. The previously mentioned are a few of the hottest on the scene right now. I hope this helps you get off on the right foot for your fall shopping. Have questions about fashion just ask!



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