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Preppy Chic

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With all the fun summer trends out there, this one is by far my favorite one. Preppy clothes are back in a classic fresh way. There is something about crisp collars and khaki that never seems to fade away. Unlike other trends , this one is in it for the long run. Seeing as preppy never has gone out of style, there simply has been an added addition of chic.People can say what they want about the preppy style but you really never can go wrong with a white button down tucked into a flat front Bermudas.

The basics of classic preppy style are: Khakis, button-downs in mute tones and polo shirts. For summer there has been addition of fresh takes on the classic style let’s review a few of them.


Sweater Vest,

To say that sounds like the beginning of a joke that Will Smith would’ve said to goofy cousin Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.However, Sweater vests worn the right way can be quite chic. A new way to do a Sweater Vest is to wear it alone with a khaki mini and Boat Shoes or ballet flats.If you are busty then put a tank underneath for  more coverage. Wear it with a simple necklace and you are set. Here is one particularly stylish one.



Preppy Cricket Vest $148.00 Tommy Hilfiger

sweater vest


Essential Skirt with belt $14.80






Next on the list of Preppy Chic are the aforementioned boat shoes., also known as loafers and nautical loafers. I love them because they are very fun and stylish while all the time being comfy. Which as we girls know is most of the time a non-factor in the world of women’s fashion. These shoes go great with shorts and rolled skinny jeans. I would pair them with a simple shirt as the look is suppose to be easy going. An alternative to the boat shoes are espadrille flats.


Ciao Bella Moxie $44.95 at




Lacoste Marthe Espadrille $84.00 at


Brandy & Melville Anika Polo Top $42.00



Divine Rights of Denim Resin Whisker Skinny Jeans





Let’s not skirt around the issue of what’s next on our list… okay that was a lame joke, but in all seriousness. A full pleated skirt is a nice fresh take on prep. We all know that wearing a tennis skirt is a prep staple, however this summer there are a few more options than your basic tennis skirt. There are more girly and fun skirts that are more forgiving with hip space and even though shorter still have the a-line shape which is universally flattering. I recommend flats or boat shoes with short skirts to keep it classy.

Colorblock Hem Linen Blend Skirt




Women’s Tie-Belt Embroidered Skirts $22.50



Button-Downs. I love how versatile button-downs are, you can dress them up or down and either way they look good with all the prep basics.

The Perfect Shirt $49.50


Last but not least for preppy style you can never go wrong with stripes or a polo or both mixed together! And of course Cardigans.


Striped Shark Bite Tank $12.99 Charlotte

Striped Shark Bite Tank


Blue Label Classic Fit Polo  $49.99  Ralph

Classic-Fit Polo - Blue Label Polos -

Roll-pocket V-neck cardigan $39.50



I hope you enjoyed this preppy chic update! Remember the preppy look is about classic lines, minimal jewelry and demure but feminine cuts.



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